Hardik, Abhishek, Kripali, Vishal, and Ashwini went on a road trip to Leh. On their way, they took a pitstop in Manali to quench their thirst for Adventure by participating in White Water River Rafting on the Beas River. On this journey, they met Manoj.01

Apr 2016

Manoj finds out Hardik via Social Media and puts forward his proposal to start on an Adventure Travel Company. Hardik is not yet ready to work on this idea as he is still doing an 11 to 7 job in an IT company.02

July 2016

Hardik finally quits his job to seek a career that’s beyond a 4x4 desk and plans to become an entrepreneur who will give back to the society the power to dream and conquer.03

Dec 2016

Hardik, Abhishek & Vishal are back together and are running digital services company. Manoj comes back in their life and once again plants the idea of an Adventure Travel Company in their minds. By now, Hardik had already started working on his long pending dream of writing a novel.04

Feb 2017

The name Hustle Turtle is coined but is being used by Hardik as a personal blog where he shares his writing.05

May 2017

Manoj brings in his friend Satish, who’s a certified mountaineer and together they appeal Hardik to start working with them for a greater good.06

July 2017

Hardik visits Hallan-I, a village in the district of Kullu to meet Manoj and Satish. The three get along and discuss how they can build an awareness about Trekking and Mountaineering among fellow Indians to help them cope up with the 21st-century problems like an identity crisis.07

Sep 2017

Hardik has completed writing his novel – ‘Common Life, Uncommon Spirit’ and now gives his 100% time to Hustle Turtle, an Adventure Travel Company.08

Dec 2017

Abhishek & Hardik visit Hallon-I once more and set in motion the beautiful journey of Hustle Turtle. Decisions are made, and plans are sketched. Hustle Turtle is to conduct its first trek on 15th April 2018.09

Jan 2018
And like this, all of them kept exploring, living and dreaming on and on to help themselves, the country and the world to live a happier and purposeful life.

Hustle Turtle – On your Journey to Passion